Zane Fahey a Nazafit Success Story

ZaneWhy did I choose to “Get fit from within” with Nazafit ?

I have been competing for about 8 years straight and have felt the effects of the lack of nutrition that came with the style of comp dieting as well as the bulking in the off season . I developed quite bad reflux and just put up with it because i love the sport but something had to change . I had seen both Michelle and David at various comps and they looked extremely healthy considering there amazing conditioning . Wanting to keep competing and weighing up the health issues I had to make a change . After researching Nazafit it seemed like the best option for my health and longevity in the sport

What did I gain on my Nazafit Journey ?  

I was amazed from the beginning . My energy levels improved , my skin got better, my reflux went away all while eating some amazing fresh and tasty food . The lead up to the comps felt so different to any other year . My goal was to be in the best condition that i had ever achieved . i was able to get my body fat down without cutting the volume of my food but giving my body what it needed . This really showed on stage my condition was much improved and i felt the best i ever had .

 My Nazafit  success I’m most proud of is .

Apart from my best condition on stage the thing I’m most proud of is that I made the choice to look after what is the most important thing in life ,my health. Now i can still enjoy the things i love while improving my health . It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made .